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Our History

SoulPhamm was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the state of New Jersey on June 25, 2021 and is the "birth-child" of Coach Luis ("Lou") and Dr. Leisa Herrera ("Mz. Doc").  The organization exists to provide training to young people in a variety of sports and performing arts and unique opportunities to display those talents through competition and performance.  By integrating college/career prep, mentoring, life skills, opportunities for community service and academic enrichment and support to the athletic/artistic program, we help make our scholar-athletes as well-rounded as possible, capable of meeting and overcoming any challenges they are faced with.  Although Coach Lou passed away suddenly in January 2021, the official launch of SoulPhamm was held on June 26, 2021, which coincided with his birthday weekend.  SoulPhamm will recognize its own founding, as well as the achievements of our young people every year on the fourth Saturday of June, as a tribute to the life and legacy of Coach Lou.  SoulPhamm's current menu of programs includes: basketball, cheerleading/stomp & shake, drumline, step, hip-hop majorette dance, sorority, social media team, and student council. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote virtue, equity, unity, justice, faith, charity and a sense of common purpose and brotherhood among all people with an emphasis on the development and advancement of young people through education, athletics, service and the arts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of youth by providing unique artistic and athletic experiences coupled with academic enrichment, personal development, and community service.

Our Strategy


To accomplish our mission, we assist our athletes, artists and leaders in achieving the highest standards of professionalism through the development of skill, confidence, cooperation, leadership, responsibility and character.  Specifically, we


  • Strive for the highest standards of excellence in everything we do both on and off the field – being physical representations of a first-class sports, arts, education, and service organization.

  • Take responsibility for our own preparedness (including attendance, punctuality and etiquette) and take additional responsibility for helping everyone else in the SoulPhamm community reach the same goals.

  • Develop and continually strengthen self-discipline and focus both in and out of meetings, rehearsals and practices by working daily to enhance our individual skills and the overall quality of the organization.

  • Approach everything we do with energy and excitement, treating every encounter as if it were the opportunity of a lifetime.

Our Values

We strive daily to: promote scholarship; respect humanity; model and require integrity; deal equitably; show leadership and preserve dignity. 

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