The Ruey Classic is the culminating event of SoulPhamm's athletic and artistic season.  It is named after Coach Luis Herrera, who was nicknamed "Ruey" by his wife Mz. Doc.  The first Ruey Classic will be held on Saturday, June 26, 2021.

At the center of the 2021 event is the launch of the SoulGentz' Basketball Program, which Coach Lou had desired to lead prior to his death.  It will introduce the young men who will be part of the first youth basketball teams in New Jersey and New York City (Nujacks) and will also feature an "adult-friendly" (Throwbacks) basketball game for gentlemen ages 16 and older.

The event is filled with symbolism honoring Coach Lou's memory.  The New Jersey basketball team will be named "Team Orion" after Coach Lou and the New York team will be named "Team Dark Matter/DM" after Coach Lou's best friend Mike.  Throughout their childhood and well into their adulthood, the two would meet every Saturday on the basketball court for a one-on-one game and would constantly brag about their prowess on the court.  To honor this competition, Team Orion and Team DM will meet annually every year for the title of "Team of the Year".  Coach Lou would also argue with Mz. Doc constantly about which borough was the best (he was from the Bronx and she is from Brooklyn), so the Throwback game will include adults from Brooklyn (Team Crown Heights) and the Bronx (Team Castle Hill).  Participants in the adult game currently include Coach Lou's childhood friends  and volunteers from SoulPhamm, as well as members of Nu Sigma Theta and alumni of the 1City Youth Project.  SoulPhamm's other programs (dance, drumline) will also play significant roles during this event, showcasing their talent - celebrating not only Coach Lou's legacy, but marking the end of a very difficult pandemic season.

Individuals or organizations who would like to donate to this event, can send their donation via CashApp ($SoulPhamm), Venmo (@SoulPhamm) or PayPal ( or can reach out to us if they desire to mail their donation.

We are always looking for corporate/local business sponsors for this event.  To find out how you can help, please contact us at 


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