It is important for families to understand that this is a volunteer led organization.  ALL of our coaches, including Mz. Doc (the Director), work for FREE; therefore, their time is as valuable as yours.

If you express an interest in registering, are given a date to register and then do not show up or communicate, you will not be permitted to register for any programs sponsored by SoulPhamm in the future.  If you miss a registration date for a very good reason, it is at the discretion of Mz. Doc to allow you to come on another day; however, any promotions that were offered for a particular date will not be extended.  Please understand that once our rosters are closed, it is disruptive to constantly add new participants and have to reteach everything to bring them up to speed.

NYC Girls' Basketball (Ages 11 to 15) is registering and practicing in New York until the end of June 2022.

All other NYC programs are CLOSED until September 2024!

If you are a resident of NYC/NYS and are interested in a program, please note that we will only be operating in New Jersey for 2022-2023.  You must be willing to make the commute (likely Hudson or Bergen County) in order to join.


Register for SoulPhamm

I would like to register!  I know I can only join one team
Are you vaccinated? **

It is NOT required that you be vaccinated to join SoulPhamm HOWEVER, families should note that some basketball tournaments and cheer/dance/step competitions and parades REQUIRE participants to show proof of vaccination.  Also, some facilities we rent may require its occupants to be vaccinated.  We will do what we can to ensure that no child is excluded, but there will be some instances where this will be out of our control.

Will you be able to attend registration day in Newark on Saturday, June 25th

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Boys' Basketball (Ages 11-17)
Girls' Basketball (Ages 11-15)
Girls' Cheerleading (Ages 11-17)
Co-Ed Drumline (Ages 11-25)
Girls' Hip-Hop Majorette Dance (Ages 11-25)
Girls' Sorority (Ages 11-15)
Co-Ed Step Team (Ages 11-25)
Participants who are 10 years old, must turn 11 by (or in) September 2022.

Registration begins Saturday, June 25th


Registration is $10.  The program costs $20 per week. 

Participants must purchase their own uniforms.

The program will NOT be held in NYC.  NYC/NYS residents will have to travel to NJ to participate. 

Following is the process to register:

1.  Complete the form on this page.  You will receive an email with more info within 24 hours. You will be invited to attend a Zoom meeting with our Director.

2.  Registration will be held on Saturday, June 25th (12pm to 5pm).  Be prepared to stay the WHOLE time.  You will be responsible for the $10 registration fee on that day.  You will be given an application packet.

3.  You can pay by any of the following ways: PayPal (, Venmo (@SoulPhamm), CashApp ($SoulPhamm) or Zelle (  If you need to pay onsite - please have $10 exactly.  

4. That evening, you will be invited to join your team's online community (requires the download of the free app BAND).

5.  If you do not attend on June 25th (and cannot register online by that date), we cannot guarantee you that there will be space for the program you are interested in.


All team members will participate in fundraising to help with team travel, competition and tournament fees.  ALL FEES, INCLUDING MONIES PAID OR RAISED ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.