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SoulGentz' & SoulDeevas' Basketball


The SoulGentz and the SoulDeevas will be competitive teams and will be trained to compete on local, regional and national courts.  In addition to learning and refining their basketball skills, they will also learn about basketball history and how pursuit of excellence in the game helps their higher educational pursuits and opens up opportunities for long-term careers.

The teams require discipline and a willingness to learn and adapt.  It will demand the utmost in respect from players, coaches and staff alike.  The athletes will be asked to do things that their peer organizations might not do (shirt & tie at basketball games; no cursing; strict rules around attendance and punctuality; fitness routine) and it should be understood that they must confirm to all of our rules in order to participate.

ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY ARE STRICT.  This is NOT a drop-in program.  If you cannot commit to attending practices every week (exceptions are made for sickness, family concerns and school events), on time, this is not the program for you.

To join our mailing list and be notified of tryouts/registration for our next season, please complete the form which can be found under "REGISTER NOW" under the "HOME" tab on this website.  Thank you for your interest!

2022-2023 Application


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