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2021-2022 Application

Volunteer with SoulPhamm!

SoulPhamm Inc. is always looking for committed, responsible and talented adult volunteers to lead their programs!

Our organization's season is from August 1st to June 30th every year.  Volunteers are typically recruited from April to June for an August start.  We accept volunteers ages 18 and over.  

For the upcoming season 2021-2022, we are recruiting for the following positions:

  • Basketball Coaches (Boys and Girls) (New Jersey and New York)

  • Cheerleading Coaches - (New Jersey and New York)

  • Dance Teachers - (Please specify genre of interest)(New Jersey and New York)

  • Drumline Instructors - (Boys and Girls)(New Jersey and New York)

  • Hip-Hop Dance Instructors - (New Jersey and New York)

  • Hip-Hop Majorette Coaches - (New Jersey and New York)

  • Step Team Coaches - (New Jersey and New York)

  • Collegiate Coaches - teams serving ages 19 to 30 (Step, Majorettes, Dance, Basketball)

Instructors must be available primary on Saturdays (for in person practices and performances).  Collegiate Coaches may select other days based on the availability of their teams.  In person practices, whether indoor or outdoor, are conducted for two hours.  Instructors should also be willing to teach online via Zoom (in the event of pandemic resurgence or inclement weather) and can also elect to have an extra, hour-long practice online even if they have an in person practice.  Interstate meetings among coaches happen once a quarter, so instructors must be willing to travel to New Jersey/New York City (train fare is reimbursed).  You will also be asked to download BAND (a free app) for you to communicate with your colleagues and team members.

All volunteers must undergo a background check and must also complete an application (which can be downloaded from this site - see PDF on this page).  As we are also a subordinate organization under the Amateur Athletic Union, coaches will also be registered as adult-members (which we will pay for) and must submit to the appropriate annual training (which we will pay for).  For new volunteers, three letters of reference (one professional and two personal) are required as well as a recent resume.  All volunteers must submit a short bio (which we will help you create/edit) as well as a headshot (a selfie is fine).  Candidates will also meet either in person or via Zoom with the Director.

While we cannot afford to pay our volunteers at this present time, we do whatever we can to promote them professionally.  In many cases, we have referred our volunteers to facilitate paid workshops for outside organizations that have contracted with us and we also serve as a professional reference for all of our volunteers.

To join our mailing list and be notified of our next recruitment period, please complete the form below.  You may also email a short note outlining the program you are interested in leading.  Please specify the state and division you are willing to work with (see below).  New program offerings are offered as available - depending on volunteer experience.


Minis (Ages 5 to 7):  

Juniors (Ages 8 to 12)

Seniors (Ages 13 to 18)

Collegiate (Ages 19 to 30)

Volunteer Interest Form

Thanks for submitting!

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