2021-2022 Application

Nu Sigma Theta Fraternity

Nu Sigma Theta (NST) was formed to provide a venue for everyday people to do random acts of kindness and formalized acts of community service in collaboration with like-minded people worldwide.  In addition to community service, the organization also provides an opportunity for its members to connect with each other socially and professionally, forming international bonds of friendship and support.  The organization operates on virtual and physical platforms.

Organizational recruitment happens during August (Fall Line) and then again in April (Spring Line).  Eligible members are ages 18 and up.  Applicants from all over the world are welcomed.

NST is formed from a legacy of organizations committed to promoting brotherhood, civic responsibility, charity and scholarship.  In 1990, Dr. Leisa Herrera founded an organization called The 1City Youth Project which provided sports, arts and academic programs, much like SoulPhamm.  1City only involved youth in grades K to 12 - so when a lifelong 1City"zen" aged out, there was no way for them to remain involved until the idea of a fraternity came up.  Nu Sigma Theta remains, although 1City has now been closed for more than ten years and the organization celebrates its Founding Day on April 23rd.

Our membership is diverse, often sought out by those who have been discriminated against because of age, race, religion, sexuality, income level, academic achievement or disability.  We emphasize that under the banner of Nu Sigma Theta, we are all one body!  We do not tolerate discrimination, hazing or harassment of any kind.

The organization has a four week pledge period (one hour via Zoom once a week) and then has a general bi-monthly meeting.  Activities that can be done virtually are sent via email or posted on the organization's BAND page.  Our primary community service focus is to the youth served by SoulPhamm Inc., and a portion of our membership dues will benefit the organization's work.

We are interested in activities and causes that deal with charity, health, education, wealth, relationships and advocacy.  To advance our agenda, we purpose to: (a) give of our wealth, work and wisdom to those who are less fortunate, either individually or institutionally and consider as many opportunities to perform random acts of kindness as possible; (b) promote health and wellness among all of our members and to participate in efforts to educate our communities on health and wellness initiatives; (c) create and support opportunities for learning on all levels;(d) develop the potential of every member to create and sustain multiple avenues of wealth and to also prosper physically, mentally, emotionally and socially; (e) cooperate with one another and with others to achieve mutual goals as they relate to our agenda; (f) foster and model principles of equal rights, opportunities and justice, developing our voice and taking action on issues of local, national and international importance.

An application must be completed and brought to registration (or emailed) along with a non-refundable registration fee of $30 (either a money order payable to SoulPhamm, Inc. or via CashApp ($soulphamm), Venmo (@soulphamm) or PayPal ( only).  Organization members will be responsible for the purchase of their official tee/sweat shirts and jacket (generally $100-$150) and should be prepared to be fully dressed by the end of September.  Monthly dues are $20 per member and the organization will participate in fundraisers for general overhead (which includes space rental, supplies, etc.). 

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