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SoulPhamm's Student Council
The Kulture Keepers - TK2

2023-2024 Application

The Kulture Keepers will work with our organization's leadership to develop sports, arts, education, social and service programs for their peers and provides an opportunity for students to earn community service hours.

The group meets on Thursdays from 6pm (via Zoom) to 7pm and will plan in person events on Saturdays according to their schedules.

The Kulture Keepers will help with program planning, research, fundraising, event planning and social media campaigns. For the social media campaign section, their in-person meetings will be used to film and/or implement community service projects.

They will also participate in events in support of our other sports, arts and service teams.

Membership requires discipline and a willingness to learn and adapt.  It will demand the utmost in respect from all of the participants who will be asked to do things that their peer organizations might not do (no cursing; strict rules around decorum, attendance and punctuality) and it should be understood that they must confirm to all of our rules in order to participate.

An application will be required and will be emailed or given to families. All groups participate in fundraisers for the organization's general overhead (which includes space rental, supplies, etc.).  

To join our mailing list and be notified of tryouts/registration for our next season, please complete the form which can be found under "REGISTER NOW" under the "HOME" tab on this website.  Thank you for your interest.

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