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Drumline Instructional Staff

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Ms. Emma Apicelli




Ms. Jessica Smith


Coach Jess started her drum career in middle school - first playing by ear then by learning how to read music. In high school, she was a part of the marching band where she was able to compete in band competitions.  She attended Montclair State University where she received her bachelor's degree in English. Throughout her time at Montclair State, she was an active mentor through programs including the YMCA, and "THREADS" based in Newark, NJ. Post-graduation, she moved to Newark where she served for one year as an English tutor in the Americorps Fellowship at Great Oaks Downtown Middle School. The following year, Coach Jess was hired as an 8th grade English teacher at Great Oaks, where she remains to this day. At the school, she serves as Grade Level Lead, and piloted the "Young Queens" after school program at the campus. Coach Jess is also the CEO of "Agape Unconditional". Agape is Greek for Unconditional Love and that is what the brand seeks to provide to the Black community through service, uplifting programs and fashion.

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